Set Up and Go

I will set you up with an integrated set of tools, train you on their use, and for a small monthly fee be available to answer questions or get you out of a jam. The tool set I will employ will enable you to automate as much of your bookkeeping as possible:

  • Xero - online accounting software.
  • Hubdoc - cloud based document storage and data retrieval.
  • TSheets - time tracking software (if needed)
  • Gusto - small company payroll (if needed)
  • Consolidated software billing - you pay one bill for all subscriptions to me - I do not mark up software price.

I will integrate these products for you and show you how to move forward on your own. After initial setup ($600.00) I will bill you monthly for on-call support and software fees ($50.00 + software fees which depend on which combination of software and software levels we choose based on your needs. Monthly software costs could be as low as $32.00. In any case, software charges are itemized on your bill every month so you know what you're paying for.)

Initial Setup
$600one time only
  • Establish Xero Account
  • Establish Hubdoc Account
  • Establish TSheets Account (optional)
  • Establish Gusto Account (optional)
  • Integrate Accounts
  • Train you how to use them!
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Setup of integrated software suite.

Ongoing Maintenance
$50 +Monthly
  • Consolidated software billing
  • On-call availablilty to answer questions
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For folks who don't want a full fledged bookkeeper but want a helping hand when they need one.

+ Itemized software charges.