Some of my Favorite Technology

Below you will find the current crop of financial tools that I'm in love with. These are my go-to tools to provide you with an integrated financial solution. You can explore these tools on your own or, better yet, set up a consultation with me so I can deliver a tailored solution to you without even being a full time bookkeeper for you if that isn't what you need. Check out my Set Up and Go offering.


I use Hubdoc to make collection of receipts and bills a snap. Stop relying on paper and get everything into the cloud. The best part is Hubdoc sends all relevant data to my accounting system so I'm not doing dual data entry.


There is no doubt that Intuit has dominance in the United States with its QuickBooks suite of products. If you're a QuickBooks Online (QBO) user and want my bookkeeping help, I'll be glad to jump in. BUT I prefer this Australian solution gaining momentum here in the States. Xero provides a clean interface with a highly intuitive dashboard. It integrates with all the other products on this page and I am a huge fan of product integration. You can learn more about Xero by clicking on the logo or better yet, get my bookkeeping basics guide and you'll be signed up to my introductory email series on some of my favorite tools.


If you own a small to medium business with 100 employees or less, payroll could not be simpler than with Gusto. Gusto's dashboard walks you through the process of setting up payroll and even better, your employees can self-enroll -- no hassle collecting payroll forms from them.

Gusto can be fed from TSheets (another of my favorite tools) and in turn, can feed data to your accounting software. Click on the logo to learn more. If you do sign up, I will make a small commission but as in the case of TSheets, my reputation matters more than my commission. I think you'll love Gusto!